Why Should You Hire Edwin Datschefski?

I help people figure out how to make their products sustainable -- good for people, profits and the planet.

With 16 years` experience as a consultant, my unique background and experience in both ecology and business gives me unparalleled understanding of how products can become truly sustainable -- giving your brand a vital boost to enable its survival deep into the 21st century.

My last book, The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products, proved to be a contemporary classic, introducing everyone from students to CEOs to the delights and nuances of sustainable product development.

I have trained over 6000 people in environmental management and sustainable product design, and given talks all over the UK, as well as in France, USA, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands. I was a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association.

I took a key step forward when I developed the cyclic|solar|safe methodology for assessing the environmental performance of products and processes. This ecology-based approach has simplified the way people look at sustainability while also presenting a radical product-focused perspective that challenges standard thinking on eco-efficiency.

My background is as a biologist at Bristol University and after working in the aerospace industry I spent 8 years working at The Environment Council, developing programmes involving thousands of UK businesses to enable them to realise the benefits of improved environmental performance.

As part of my personal educational mission, I have also developed a set of free web-based educational resources on sustainable design. Visit it at www.biothinking.com

Experience counts and having worked in so many sectors and in constantly emerging new fields I can offer advice, ideas and training no matter what type of business or other organisation you are in. Have a look at the people I have worked with and the projects I have completed

In summary, I can give you:

     A unique insight into the true environmental performance of your business and its products;
     A wide range of ideas for product innovation and improvement;
     Product branding and positioning that will play to your existing and future strengths and help generate more respect as well as revenue;
     Workshops that will enlighten, inspire and empower your product teams (ideally comprising of people from marketing, communications, production and engineering as well as designers) and which also brainstorm, create and assess new product ideas and improvements;
     Confidence that your brand and products will be on the road to being futureproofed and heading towards 100% sustainability in terms of people, planet and profits.

If you have any doubt about whether I am the right person to help then please do have a look at these other consultants in case they are a better fit for you:

     First try the Free advice line from Envirowise, if it's a simple issue they may be able to help for free, you can't argue with that ...
     If you don't already have a design team then talk to my associates Rob Brown and Guy Robinson at Sprout Design
     For rock-solid eco- and sustainable design advice and legislative compliance, especially on electronics, check out Rob Holdway at Giraffe Innovation
     For Eco-design issues (ie waste minimisation, energy efficiency etc) try Leigh Holloway or Mark Shayler at eco3 who are ideally placed to cover the Northern parts of the UK.
     If you want a more holistic organisational consulting approach, try Mark Holt or Mike Betts at Better Thinking
     For textiles, talk to the specialist Kate Fletcher at Kate Fletcher
     For graphics and communications it's Sophie Thomas you need at Thomas Matthews
For just Footprinting and LCA these are the people I am most impressed with:
     Nicky Chambers at Best Foot Forward
     Gary Parker at Pira Consulting
     Simon Aumonier or Michael Collins at ERM
     Euan Murray at the Carbon Trust's Carbon Reduction Label

Otherwise, give me a call or drop me a line, I am always happy to talk about products and environment and to discuss how hiring me can help your business.

My contact details are below: